All Firmwares Updates to Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Here is the latest versions firmware of the phone Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, all updates are free and official by Samsung, but before the download must verify the name of the model fully and not differ in the characters or numbers

Device name Model PDA Version region OS OS Version Build Date Changelist Read More
T819YDXS2BRB1 Multi-regions 7.0 Android 05.02.2018 12212928
T819YDXS2BRA4 Multi-regions 7.0 Android 17.01.2018 12212928
T819YDXU2BQJ2 Multi-regions 7.0 Android 25.10.2017 12212928
T819YDXU2BQF6 Multi-regions 7.0 Android 03.07.2017 11739684
T817TUVS2BPL1 Multi-regions 6.0.1 Android 09.12.2016 8293462
T815YDVS2BPL2 Multi-regions 6.0.1 Android 28.12.2016 8294040