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Download J710FNDDU1BSB1: Official Android 7.0 Nougat for SM-J710FN SM-J710FN India – INS

Samsung is rolling out the January, 2019 security patch for SM-J710FN.

This Firmware Update brings fixes for some of security problems such as critical vulnerabilities found in the Android operating system as well as scores of moderate-risk and high-risk vulnerabilities.

The company is rolling out a new update for the SM-J710FN model number SM-J710FN which brings the January, 2019 security patch to the device as it will fix the problems found on it such as the problems that we mentioned previously.

The new update is based on Android Nougat 7.0 and it's available now for download, and you should install this update to avoid security issues. Samsung has released firmware version J710FNDDU1BSB1 which will update the current Android security patch level to January, 2019.

This update released only for Samsung SM-J710FN model SM-J710FN and any attempts to install this update (J710FNDDU1BSB1) on a different Model even if it has the same Phone's name, it may damage your phone or your phone may stuck on bootloop screen, so we are not responsible for any damages caused on your phone if you used this Firmware on any other SM-J710FN Model Number.

The new firmware update will help you to fix a lot of other security related issues such as UnRooting, Popup Ads by Malware, and many more. It will also make some improvements such as improve battery life, Phone performance, OS stability and more. So, for these reasons it's recommended to update your firmware if there is a new Firmware update available.

SM-J710FN update rolling with January, 2019 security patch (J710FNDDU1BSB1)

SM-J710FN security patches Details :

Device name :
Model :
PDA Version :
Regions :
OS Version :
Android Nougat 7.0
Build Date
J710FNDDU1BSB1 J710FNDDU1BSB1 to phone  SM-J710FN Model SM-J710FN

All Countries Received The update Update J710FNDDU1BSB1 for Samsung SM-J710FN SM-J710FN

Below You'll Find All Countries Received The update J710FNDDU1BSB1 for Samsung SM-J710FN SM-J710FN so Far This list is updated favorably When a country gets the update it is added in its moment.

Choose your country or nearest the region this Flash File Update J710FNDDU1BSB1 is issued for country India INS You can use it if your device model "SM-J710FN" But it's better to choose your country

This is the only "state" area that has been updated so far

Firmware Download Link For India INS

Keep Mind! You can download files up to 2GB in free mode you will need to Upgrade to premium if the firmware file more than it.

How get last security patch for SM-J710FN through ota Phone settings.

  • Click on "About" bottom of the settings menu.
  • If the (OTA) update is available In your area phone SM-J710FN you'll find it easily.

A quick way to install the latest security update for SM-J710FN.

  • Download update file
  • Run the Odin program on your computer.
  • Entering to download mode or mode status.
  • Connect the usb cable to phone.
  • Click on start in odin .
  • Wait for the firmware update to complete .

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