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Update (SM-A710M) latest Firmware Nougat 7.0 for Samsung Galaxy A7 A710MUBU2CQL3

Samsung has rolling a new firmware update with security patch December, 2017 turn for (26.12.2017)To Phone Galaxy A7 fixed some of Security problems also virus and malware to model SM-A710M.
The update based on Android Nougat 7.0 ، can now download latest security patches for Galaxy A7 SM-A710M Samsung is launching the new update with security solutions،You must install this update that holds a number pda A710MUBU2CQL3 To get the highest security information .This update only works on Samsung Galaxy A7 model SM-A710M and any attempt to install the update on a different phone with the same name and differs in the model number will damage the phone or to stop on a screen bootloop and the update will fixing a lot of other problems related issues unrooting ،Popup Ads due to viruses or malware in fection. Updates often make the phone work faster and maintain battery performance،We will give many ways to get the update in different ways to phone Galaxy A7

Galaxy A7 update rolling with December, 2017 security patch (A710MUBU2CQL3)

security patches Details :

Device name :
Model :
PDA Version :
OS Version :
Android Nougat 7.0
Build Date
A710MUBU2CQL3 to phone  Galaxy A7 Model SM-A710M

Keep Mind! You can download files up to 2GB in free mode you will need to Upgrade to premium if the firmware file more than it.


How get last security patch for Galaxy A7 through ota Phone settings.

  • Click on "About" bottom of the settings menu.
  • If the (OTA) update is available In your area phone Galaxy A7 you'll find it easily.
  • A quick way to install the latest security update for Galaxy A7.
  • Download update file
  • Run the Oden program on your computer.
  • Entering to download mode or mode status.
  • Connect the usb cable to phone.
  • Click on start in odin .
  • Wait for the firmware update to complete .

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