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Update (SM-J320H) latest Firmware Lollipop 5.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos J320HXXS0AQL2

J320HXXS0AQL2 now receiving latest Firmware 5.1.1 Lollipop , the official update of the Galaxy J3 2016 Duos, model number SM-J320H with the latest versions of the Android Lollipop. has been accessed through our website you can download and experience the latest Firmware and update for the great Galaxy J3 2016 Duos and as we are used to the leading Samsung in the industry Android-based smartphones, this new update for the SM-J320H model is expected to add to the phone speed and conserve battery power or even add some light touches on the system Galaxy J3 2016 Duos, update J320HXXS0AQL2. Today, we will look to the way for update Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos SM-J320H 5.1.1 Lollipop without any problems or obstacles. latest Firmware 5.1.1 Lollipop , the official update of the Galaxy J3 2016 Duos, model number SM-J320H

Received Firmware 5.1.1 Lollipop update air method (OTA) :

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi network on your SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 2016 Duos.
  • Go to Phone settings.
  • Go to the "About" bottom of the settings menu.
  • If the (OTA) update is available for (SM-J320H) phone you'll find it easily.
Official Firmware Details:
  • File
  • model number (SM-J320H)
  • Android Lollipop 5.1.1
  • CHANGELIST: 12260771
  • BUILD DATE: 15.12.2017

Why install the latest phone update Galaxy J3 2016 Duos SM-J320H?

  1. Security : through the updates by Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos or in general for its phones, contains many security solutions to prevent the exploitation of these security problems by Hackers to steal personal information such as pictures or phone numbers or Conversations or until access to videos saved on the phone
  2. More power and speed in performance: With the continuous updates launched by Samsung for its phones, the code for the Android protocols for each phone makes it more flexible and faster in handling and handling operations with different applications through the use of phone resources.
  3. Battery life: Samsung always tries to update the Android system, prolong the battery life, it can be updated to reduce battery consumption, and then give your phone more use and less consumption

Important steps before you make Official update firmware Android Lollipop 5.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos (SM-J320H):
  • Backup Apps and SMS messages, Contacts, Google Data,WhatsApp Messages Pictures and Videos.
  • How to get a full backup

    Download "App Backup Restore - Transfer" App from Google Play and after downloading go to the app and choose the backup to get personal data or applications or full phone content then choose the place to set up the external or internal memory backup of the phone When you need to restore this backup on the same phone or a different phone, download the application and choose the option to restore and choose the location sd card or internal phone storage.
    CANNOT backup or restore your apps data, it’s a apk assistant that can backup apk files only. This app can Upload & Download backups to Google Drive .
  • It's better to charge the battery over 50%.
  • USB drivers installed for the Samsung Galaxy or download kies.
  • USB debugging must be enabled on your phone (Navigate to Menu , Settings, Applications,click on Development option and check USB Debugging Mode).
  • Download Odin v3.12.3 run as an Administrator.
  • Download File firmware Flash J320HXXS0AQL2 of this explanation.
  • You can Download Last package update Gapps .

Download and install Official latest Firmware update Galaxy J3 2016 Duos (SM-J320H) J320HXXS0AQL2 :

Keep Mind! You can download files up to 2GB in free mode you will need to Upgrade to premium if the firmware file more than it.





Pakistan (pak)


Saudi arabia

Warning: The update is released only for the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos model number SM-J320H  , Don’t try this guide on any other Android device and Any attempt to install this Firmware to another phone will The android system destroy.
To find other Firmware for Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos you can check in list latest firmware for all models of samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos below.
Model No. Date Update Download Link Android OS Security patch
SM-J320H December 12, 2017 J320HXWU0AQL1 Lollipop 5.1.1 December, 2017 security patch

 Installation steps firmware 5.1.1 Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos:

Switch off your phone and hold Volume Down key and Home key and Power key For a period of 10 seconds.

Now your phone  in boot Download mode.

download mode warininng

The phone touch cannot be used we will complete the installation by the keys

samsung galaxy warning odin

 Phone is ready to install  update  firmware

downloading odin mode

Connect A USB cable to  your Galaxy J3 2016 Duos (SM-J320H)  to your PC.

GO TO ODIN folder and Click right On Odin icon And run as an Administrator

Wait 2 Seconds now the ID:COM it will become Blue .

Add the firmware G935FXXU1DQEI file to AP / PDA from Your computer

What is the PDA and CSC mean:

PDA such as your build version ,if your current build is 5.1.1.XXLA6 PDA version is XXLA6 XX represend for countries,yes way of knowing dedicated to your area rom,is XX means it is for europian country,and 5.1.1.DDLPA mean for India and PDA version is LPA ,and your can check firmware id by dialling *#1234# Now you know the difference between PDA and CSC .

make sure that “re-partition” is NOT checked.

Please do not remove the cable from the phone or from the computer and make sure the cable works in a good way

select box auto reboot and F. Reset Time

And click on start button

Wait for complete update Android system ,your phone will reboot after finish Official upgrade Firmware .

Remember That:
If you have used any of the unofficial roms on Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Duos (SM-J320H) WORKING any ROM custom such as- (LiquidSmooth-ROMCyanogenMod ROM-AOKP ROM--Carbon ROMCarbon ROM-PACman ROM- Beanstalk ROM- Avatar ROM, Omni ROM SLIM ROM, LiquidSmooth ROM ...) and Custom Recovery will be replaced stock Recovery , firmware.
Important Notes:
  • This method is perfectly safe without any problems if you follow the steps carefully and we are not responsible for any problem that may occur by performing the operation incorrectly.
  • The process does not require an expert to install the update on your phone.
  • This method is perfectly safe without any problems if you follow the steps carefully and we are not responsible for any problem that may occur by performing the operation incorrectly.
  • The security updates Galaxy J3 2016 Duos (SM-J320H)  from Samsung are extremely important updates that cannot be neglected to install.

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